Today, my lengthy search has finally ended. I have found the single thing in this universe that I am passionate enough about to get me to write a blog. It was in front of me this whole time. Piling up at the bottom corner of my food pantry just waiting to be eaten, the most beautifully colored of the tuber family, the food that makes me guilty because I think I am eating dessert for my dinner: sweet potatoes.

Not having eaten all day, I was inspired by a fellow blogger who enlightening me on the many ways I could enjoy glorious sweet potatoes in my very own kitchen. After staring lovingly at the sweet potato rolls, wondering if I was dreaming, I decided that my love for these sweet potato creations could not be contained, and must be shared with the world. I welcome you, my fellow sweet potato lovers, skeptics, or hoarders, to join my exploration in exposing the versatility of the sweet potato.

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  1. In 1890, when I completed my first great oil painting, The Picador, I knewith not what lay before me. Paints from the vendors in front of Palacio Real, oils and brushes from el mercado de San Fernando, war in the countryside, famine on the cobbled streets of Toledo, poverty in the underground of Lavapiés , violence on the streets of sol in the summer evenings;…….. Life.

    Art was an expression of my existence, the blood that ran through the gutters, the wisps of clouds over Retiro. A visual representation of life. But this….new beginning, this uncovered treasure of the riches of Carlos III, make me wonder….. If not painting, then sweet potatoes. The ultimate medium of creative and novel expression, un croqueta de JAMÓN of knowledge and splendor. A breath of fresh air, knowledge for the thirsty soul, a nation in a food. Life

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