Fact: China is the biggest producer of sweet potatoes in the world. Another fact: dumplings are one of the best foods in the world. A final undeniable fact: there is no way combining the two could go wrong. After my last potato experiment, I decided to play this one safe. No more “is that a pancake or a pillow?”, “the pan’s too hot!”, or “who the h*** are you, and what did you do to my delicious sweet potato?”. I told myself to keep this one simple – make Chinese dumplings from scratch with no prior experience while replacing anything in the recipe that I don’t have with the trusty sweet potato.

Recipe Links

How to make the dumpling wrappers
How to make the filling (replace the pork with mashed sweet potatoes and go light on the sesame oil)
Finished Product!


Sorry Trader Joe’s Gyoza, you’re not my favorite child anymore. For all the joy you have brought to my life through the years, it is time for me to move on. I appreciate the fond times we shared when you would meet me at the kitchen table after every grueling day spent digging holes in the backyard, and when I needed that extra boost of energy when studying late into the night – cough – binging Game of Thrones. This Frankensteinian dumpling got something right that your so called “Trader Joeniuses” never quite figured out, sweet potatoes can improve ANYTHING.

Making the dumpling wrappers from scratch was an excellent call because our precious sweet potatoes deserve only the highest quality accommodations. Taking a bite into the first dumpling initially felt like I was burning down the Great Library of Alexandria, total and quick destruction of a masterpiece. Unlike the Romans, my guilt was quickly replaced by pure bliss as I reached the pleasureful sweet potato interior. The soft dough and creamy mashed sweet potatoes took turns entertaining my tounge with incredible taste and exciting texture. What ensued could be likened to the first time you try a freshly baked Cinnabon. The first bite is magical, then the rest of the bun disappears almost instantaneously in a blurry, sticky, and delicious mess. Needless to say this simple spin on an already incredible category of food great paid off greatly. Watch out little Johnny, your spot on your parent’s list might be taken by the new golden child in town.

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